This blog is a hobby, not a job.

I may include some affiliate links or referral links to help support the costs of running this blog and build some passive income. These links will not increase the cost of anything you buy, but I may receive a commission. If you choose to use these links, awesome! Thank you. If you don’t, no hard feelings. 🙂

I am honest (to a fault, tbh) when it comes to my opinion on experiences, service, or a commercial item I may recommend. You can trust that if I am recommending something on this website or in a blog post that I have used it extensively, myself, and want the world to know how awesome it is.

I don’t anticipate that anyone will ever send me free merch in exchange for a review or a post but, if they do, I will disclose it directly in the post and it will be obvious to you, the reader. And, as I mentioned in my recommendation section, just because it was free, doesn’t mean I’ll love it … or even like it. Again, you can expect my full honesty in everything I write.